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Knickerbocker & Stevens Inc Management Psychology Consulting
Changing Organizations

“Our key people need to lead the way for these critical changes to work.”
“Do we need to change the structure or the people to get this business performing better?”
“We need our key people to accept and execute their new roles quickly for this realignment to work.”
“How can we better shape and promote the culture we need to go forward.”
“We need our management practices to keep pace with our organization growth and business success.”
 “We need our key people focused and productive during this time of uncertainty and change.”

Our professional understanding of how people cope with and adapt to new demands and expectations enables us to help company leaders design, inspire, and direct efforts to bring about the organization changes needed to grow the company and compete successfully. 

Our professional frameworks and models will help you and other company leaders…

  • Lead and guide the organization during times of uncertainty and critical change;
  • Adapt to new roles and responsibilities as organization structures and reporting alignments shift or change;
  • Promote the necessary teamwork and work relationships that support changes in organization design;   
  • Reinvent the organization, and instill the values, attitudes, and behaviors that align with new strategies or new marketplace conditions;
  • Effectively manage the people-integration process after a merger or acquisition;
“They’re not simply focused on the people in business. They can see when the organization structure is out of whack and causing people issues. Poor performing people started shining once we fixed the ‘real’ problem …the way we had organized those areas.” 

 Steve K., CEO, Precision Metal Dye Casting Firm
  “We used their individual coaching program to get the critical people further down in the company on board with us and the new organization alignment. These employees then helped the others to get on board. They became the change agents, or the levers, we needed to make this happen quickly by talking more informally with those who struggled or were resentful about the changes we needed to make. 

Susanne G., VP-HR, Bio-Technology Company

“Sustainable success in business goes not to the biggest or fastest…but to the most adaptable in this time of rapid and complex change.”   Peter Drucker  

For Private Equity Investors Only
For CEOs Only
For Board Members Only
For Senior Managers Only
For HR Managers Only
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