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Knickerbocker & Stevens Inc Management Psychology Consulting
Executive Coaching & Leader Development

“He needs to project a stronger leadership presence and a better executive image to succeed in this role.”
“We need more people ready for the next level of company leadership.”
"How can we help ensure her success as someone with high potential?”
“Can we salvage this loyal but struggling manager?”
“Our key people need to stay objective and take the right actions during this time of rapid change and high conflict.”

3Our results-proven approach to individual coaching and consultation is designed to be as close to on-the-job leader development as possible for those in key management roles. Regularly scheduled private meetings with managers allow us to use real-time leadership and organization management issues as both ‘teachable moments’ and skill development opportunities. In situ observations and ongoing feedback help key managers define their leadership ‘signature’ and strengthen their leadership impact in the service of achieving their business goals and advancing their professional success.  Customized 360° and self-report surveys, along with assigned readings, help managers manage themselves as ‘leaders’ that others will want to follow.

Our executive coaching and leader development expertise will help your key people…

  • Prepare for and effectively carry out their role responsibility as Company leaders, to include using power and authority wisely and making difficult but necessary decisions in a timely, well considered way;
  • Project their stature and presence in ways that enhance their believability and followership;
  • Attend to both formal and informal feedback, and address development ‘gaps’ to achieve positive growth and change.
  • Improve and manage critical relationships, to include more effective use of coalitions and teams to drive company success;
  • See and manage the subtle forces that can compromise or derail the intended results of their actions and decisions;
  • Maintain a rational perspective and take constructive action during times of rapid change, conflict, or uncertainty;
  • Internalize critical ‘learnings’ that will sharpen and guide their situational judgments going forward;
“I was skeptical at first, and even resisted their coaching. But they proved to me that they know what they are doing and really do understand what it takes to be successful in business.”

Walter S., Sr. Director,
Software Development Company
  “[The K&S consultant] didn’t tell me what to do but she did help me find the courage to do what I knew needed to be done. Then she coached me to do it well.”

Edward B., COO, Financial Services Firm
  “They are very good at protecting the confidential nature of their coaching conversations. Nothing I said ever came back to me from someone else.”

Suzanne K., VP, Commercial Loans

To learn more about our Executive Coaching & Leader Development Services, please contact us.  We will be happy to answer your questions or provide more detail at no cost or obligation.

For Private Equity Investors Only
For CEOs Only
For Board Members Only
For Senior Managers Only
For HR Managers Only
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