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Knickerbocker & Stevens Inc Management Psychology Consulting
For Board Members Only

For Board Members Only - Management Psychology Consulting - Leadership development trainingThe expectations and demands for effective board performance have never been greater. From choosing the “right” chief executive, to asking the “right” questions of top management, to deciding when, why, and how to make a change at the top, you and your fellow Directors play a vital and crucial role in your company’s success.

Knickerbocker and Stevens, Inc. can help you deliver on these demands and expectations by helping you and your fellow Board Members:

  • Self-evaluate your performance as a Board, and then conceive and execute a plan that enables the Board to meet its obligations at the highest, optimal level;
  • Select the “right” Chief Executive and help establish his or her leadership over the first 100 days;
  • Engage top management in ways that promote and sustain an open and productive exchange of information, opinion, and discussion;
  • Give constructive counsel and feedback to the Chief Executive;
  • Address issues of succession and replacement of the Chief Executive and other top-level managers.

To learn more about our skills and services for Board Members, please contact us  We will be happy to help you think critically about our skills and services in light of what you want and need at no cost or obligation.

For Private Equity Investors Only
For CEOs Only
For Board Members Only
For Senior Managers Only
For HR Managers Only
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