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Knickerbocker & Stevens Inc Management Psychology Consulting
How Do We Enable Your Success

How do we enable your successWe will challenge you to go beyond what you already know, to think and act differently, and to be the leader others want to follow.

As management psychologists, our business is people but our focus is business. We are professionally trained to work at this intersection of human nature and business achievement.

Our professional ability to listen-between-the-lines and to see what others don’t enable us to help ambitious, capable people make sharper judgments and take more constructive action in their drive for business and leadership success.

Our approach to executive coaching and leader development is not for the faint of heart; we will be clear and forthright with our feedback and counsel, and demonstrate courage and discretion in ‘saying the unsayable’.  

Our professional insight into human nature equips us with the knowledge and know-how to help people change their thinking and their behavior to better support their leader’s vision, adapt to change, strengthen teamwork, or achieve specific business goals.

Our listening skills, combined with our professional knowledge of how people are the same and how they can be different, enable us to look-behind-the-curtain and see the ‘real’ person when assessing or evaluating people for hire, development, or leadership readiness.

“To leverage the deeper truth of who we are, we must engage in some activity or practice that questions what we assume to be true about ourselves.”    -- A.H. Almass

For Private Equity Investors Only
For CEOs Only
For Board Members Only
For Senior Managers Only
For HR Managers Only
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