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Knickerbocker & Stevens Inc Management Psychology Consulting
Avoiding Hiring
Mistakes - 60 sec
Presence - 72 sec
Managers as
Leaders - 67 sec
Teamwork at
the Top - 68 sec
M&A Talent
Assessment - 61 sec
Welcome to Knickerbocker and Stevens, Inc

“Most business professionals are well prepared to compete using the logic of business, but only those who can also build and harness the capabilities and talent of the organization are able to put their business judgments into effective practice and achieve success.” - Dr. John Stevens, K&S Managing Partner

We believe that the success of your company depends on the strength and effectiveness of its key people.

Our mission is to help you and your key people be outrageously successful in the service of your company’s business goals and strategic agenda.

Our professional grounding in both business and psychology uniquely prepares us with the knowledge and know-how to strengthen the leadership, judgment, power, and influence of you and your key people as organization leaders, thus enabling you to more successfully drive your company’s business achievement and success.

Please call us directly at (978) 443-7960.  We will be happy to help you think critically about our skills and services in light of what you want and need at no cost or obligation.

Latest News

Knickerbocker and Stevens Inc. is proud and excited to welcome David Kartunen, award-winning broadcast news anchor, to its cadre of accomplished leader development consultants and coaches. [Read full News Release]

"Great people, more than great strategies, make it all work." -- Jack Welch
Knickerbocker & Stevens Inc. Management Psychology Consulting
What is Management Psychology?
Peter Drucker, well known
management guru and
thought leader, has been
credited with saying,
"The successful conduct of
business rests largely on
the dynamics of
human behavior".
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Why Knickerbocker & Stevens?
Knickerbocker & Stevens, Inc.
is a Boston-based
management psychology
consulting firm with
both national and
international consulting
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How Do We Enable Your Success?
We will challenge
you to go beyond
what you already
know, to think and
act differently,
and to be the
leader others
want to follow.
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Knickerbocker & Stevens Inc. Management Psychology Consulting
For Private Equity Investors Only
For CEOs Only
For Board Members Only
For Senior Managers Only
For HR Managers Only
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