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Knickerbocker & Stevens Inc Management Psychology Consulting
Integrated Solutions

aOur Integrated Solutions provide you with psychologically-sound, business-wise approaches to running your business, managing your organization, and leading your people. These propriety programs were originally conceived and developed in consultation with executive managers for executive managers.  Today, ongoing input and feedback from clients are used to continuously refine and refresh the content and structure of these Solutions. Customized organizational and 360° feedback surveys help to inform program direction and emphasis as well as highlight “before” and “after” differences.

Each Integrated Solution is tailored to align with your needs and your company’s culture.

A ‘readiness assessment’ prior to commissioning a program can help determine how ready, willing, and able your key people are for extracting the maximum value from a Solution.  This readiness assessment can help you avoid investing a lot of time and money in an effort that has only superficial support or buy-in.

We will help you think critically about your interests and needs, and about your company’s readiness for our Integrated Solutions. We want to bring about a practical, long-lasting, and value-adding result for you and your company. To learn more about how our solutions can benefit your company contact us

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CORE Program (for stronger company-wide leadership and organization change)
Talent Audit Matrix (for a higher ROI from talent management and leadership succession)
Mutual Coaching Network (for building teamwork and shared wisdom among key managers)
Leadership Inside Out™(for faster personal and professional development of ‘leaders’)
For Private Equity Investors Only
For CEOs Only
For Board Members Only
For Senior Managers Only
For HR Managers Only
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