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News Release

January 9, 2013 - Sudbury MA - Knickerbocker and Stevens Inc. is proud and excited to welcome David Kartunen, award-winning broadcast news anchor, to its cadre of accomplished leader development consultants and coaches. David’s unique experience and skill as an on-camera high-profile national reporter and interviewer brings a new dimension to our executive leadership coaching and development services.

Drawing on his training and experience in media image management and consultation, David will be providing private one-on-one coaching to business owners and corporate leaders wanting to:

  • Project a stronger, more commanding presence in both formal and informal settings;
  • Convey stature and confidence in ways that enhance believability and followership;
  • Verbally present and communicate ideas so that they are genuinely listened to and considered;
  • More fully inspire the hearts and minds of those they count on for business performance and success;
  • Be the ‘leader’ that others want to follow;  

David’s unique orientation and skill will be offered as a ’select’ individual program as well as an integral part of the Talent Management and Leader Development model developed and utilized by Knickerbocker and Stevens, Inc.

The addition of David Kartunen to Knickerbocker and Stevens, Inc. elevates further our capacity and skill for strengthening the leadership, judgment, power, and influence of you and your key people as organization leaders in the service of your company’s strategy and business goals.

 About…David Kartunen

Award-Winning Broadcast News Anchor (WHDH NBC-TV Boston, WSVN FOX-TV Miami)

  • More than a decade of national and regional on-camera  reporting and interviewing experience
  • Covered high-profile news events all over North America, including Hurricane Katrina, Virginia Tech shooting, Obama 2008 election, etc.


  • MBA from The Hough Graduate School of Business (U of Florida)
  • Keen awareness of the corporate environment and organizational behavior
  • Well-honed business communication and presentation skills
  • Grounded in executive leadership presence and image consultation and management

College Instructor

  • Boston University Journalism Instructor
  • Excellent evaluations from students and faculty

Executive Communication Consultation…helping top-tier business professionals, politicians, and those in the public eye develop and strengthen:

  • Command of Large Group Environment
  • Command of One-on-One Interactions
  • Image and presence (Up and Down the Chain of Command)
  • Formal Interviews
  • Television Interviews
  • Written Communications

David Kartunen with President-elect Obama (2008)



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Our professional grounding in both business and psychology uniquely prepares us with the knowledge and know-how to strengthen the leadership, judgment, power, and influence of your key people as organization leaders in the service of your company’s strategy and business goals.

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For CEOs Only
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