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Testimonials for Knickerbocker & Stevens, Inc.

Management Psychology Business Professionals

“The K&S folks really do understand people in the context of business, and more importantly, in the context of my company and what we’re trying to do and be.”   Elizabeth H., Founder-President, Software Design Development

“There are plenty of industry experts if I need them. But [the K&S consultant] brings us something they don’t…an insightful understanding of what it takes to succeed as a business manager and company leader beyond just industry knowledge and business school learning.”   Ray J., SVP, Technology Systems Development

“The consultants at K&S clearly understand the world of business and the high pressure arena that we work in. They understand how company politics, power, and history can shape our work environment irrespective of the industry.”  Peter W., SVP, Multi-National Mfg Firm

“They are clearly well grounded in the psychology behind good management, good leadership, and good business. I was able to make good use of their insights and wisdom to get things on the right track and working better.”  Tim O.
CEO/President, Light Industrial Mfg Firm

“They leave the business decisions to us…but they have a deep enough understanding of our business to ask good questions that help move our thinking along.”  Gerald M., VP Operations, Regional Utilities Company

Talent Assessment & Evaluation

“You can bet the farm on their judgments about people…they called it right many times.”  Frank P., CEO, Financial Services Firm

“They figure people out primarily by interviewing them. They are very good at looking behind the curtain and seeing the real person.”  Ron J., VP, Medical Device Mfg Company

“[The K&S consultant] did use some paper-and-pencil tests but most of the evaluation time was spent talking to me. I think their way is a whole lot better than getting locked in a room all day taking paper tests.”  Rich T., VP, Nat’l Insurance Company

Executive Coaching & Leader Development

“John’s value to me is that he hears what I mean, not just what I say…he can listen between the lines and connect things in a way that brings clarity to my thinking.”  Gregory F., SVP, Asset Management & Insurance Company

“[The K&S consultant] didn’t tell me what to do, but she did help me find the courage to do what I knew needed to be done. Then she coached me to do it well.”  Edward B., COO, Financial Services Firm

“I found [the K&S consultant] easy to engage with and trust… She knew when to talk and when to listen.”  Charles W., Senior Director, Consumer Chemical Products Company

“[The K&S consultant] easily grasps the complexity of the issues I wrestle with.”   Gill T., CEO, Community Medical Hospital

“Their coaching helped me be more thoughtful and considered in my work as the leader of this company. I think that helped me shape a culture that makes us a better company.”   Cecilia S., Founder-President, Retail-Consumer Products Company

“I was skeptical at first, and even resisted their coaching. But they proved to me that they know what they’re doing and really do understand what it takes to be successful in business.”  Walter S., Sr. Director, Software Development Company

“Coaching from [the K&S consultant] helped me sort out my personal reaction to things so that I could use my leadership role to anchor and direct my actions…not my personal feelings.”   Terry R., SVP, HMO-Medical Insurance Group

“John doesn’t let me off the hook…he presses gently but firmly. It’s kind of like being held accountable, but without the negative judgment of a boss.”  Derek O., Senior Partner, Law Firm

“They are very good at protecting the confidential nature of their coaching conversations. Nothing I said has ever come back to me from someone else.”  Suzanne K., VP-Commercial Loans, Banking

Creating and Leading Teams

“Our way of thinking about what a team was really didn't help us to work as a team…[the K&S consultant] showed us how to think about it differently, and then helped us to rebuild the way our team worked. I now consider us a good management team.” Jack W., CEO, Financial Services Firm

“We did ropes and games together as team building, but we never became a good work team at the office. The way that K&S approached team building actually changed how we work together to get things decided and then done.” Barbara A., Sr. Manager, Engineering Services Firm

“[The K&S consultant] was able to establish trust and good rapport with the rest of the team, even though I brought him in. He was credible…and he handled himself well when he was challenged. ”  Carlo G., VP, Transcontinental Shipping Company  

“John is capable of speaking the unspeakable at the right time in the right way…he points out the gorilla in the room. It’s not always comfortable, but good things have come from it.”  Art L., President, Plastics Injection Molding Company

Changing Organizations

“They’re not simply focused on the people in business. They can see when the organization structure is out of whack and causing people issues. Poor performing people started shining once we fixed the ‘real’ problem …the way we had organized those areas.”   Steve K., CEO, Precision Metal Dye Casting Firm

“We used their individual coaching program to get the critical people further down in the company on board with us and the new organization alignment. These employees then helped the others to get on board. They became the change agents, or the levers, we needed to make this happen quickly by talking more informally with those who struggled or were resentful about the changes we needed to make.  Susanne G., VP-HR, Bio-Technology Company

Integrated Solutions

“I liked that they didn’t just push their solutions on us. They took the time to figure out what would work here, and then changed their approach to suit us.”  Jay J. Director, Data Storage & Technology Systems Firm

Talent Audit Matrix

“We had to learn the hard way that a great business strategy doesn’t mean much without the talent to execute it. K&S helped us get a fresh look at our key people and added to our thinking about their strengths and readiness for what we needed.”  Stuart H., SVP, Industrial & Consumer Packaging Company

“They evaluated all of us in senior management, gave us each feedback and a written summary of things to work on. Then we had a meeting with my boss and sorted out how she could help me get better as a manager here at […].”  Jerry M., SVP, Global Oil Company

CORE Program

“We had our top 47 people go through their CORE Program. [K&S consultant] and [K&S consultant] each had their own list of people they coached each month, and together they ran the monthly group meetings. It was different. I held back to see how it would all go, but by the third meeting it all made good sense. Once I decided to make the most of it, it really changed how I see and do my job as a senior-level manager. Feedback from my staff has turned around and is now quite positive…I’m very proud of that.”    Scott S., Division VP, Pharmaceutical Company  

“They were very helpful in clarifying for us what our executive work really is…exercising sound judgment for the sake of the company and interacting with people in a way that inspires them to do the right things.”  Vernon M., CEO, Nat’l Mortgage Insurance Firm

Mutual Coaching Network

“My coaching group was three of us. First couple of times we met with [the K&S consultant]. Then when she thought we were ready we started meeting on our own about every other month or so. It was fascinating to hear how the three of us differed in the way we looked at things. I learned a lot from them, and I still call them when I want to check my thinking on something.”  Brian D., Senior Manager, Technology Development Company

Leadership Inside Out

“Now that was interesting and fun. I like that kind of thing. It was very different than anything I went to before. It was deep, really made you think about yourself differently. But I can see that it would not be for everybody. Still…I’m hoping that I can get my managers to go through it next year.  Rick B., Regional Director, Nat’l Insurance Company

Code of Conduct

“I like that professionally they have a code of ethics and that they also have a company code of conduct. I’ve seen them challenge each other on this basis to keep things right…I think that makes them a bit unique.”   Colleen A., Sr. Manager, Communication Mktg Products Firm

“…and they don’t carry messages up, down, or across my organization. They’ll bring people together who need to talk, but they won’t let people use them in that way.”   Andrew C., President, Industrial Chemical Mfg

“The folks at K&S are real people…unpretentious, very skilled, and really interested in our being successful.”   Louise C., Regional SVP, Banking

Not-For-Profit Organizations

“John and the other K&S consultants were very sympathetic to our mission as a convent and religious Order. They adjusted not only their approach and services to meet our needs but also their fees. They were most gracious and generous with their time and service.”  Sister Mary Margaret, Prioress  

“K&S helped us with our hiring of people for our management team. I liked their approach to the assessment piece and found their insights about people quite helpful when it came time to lead and manage them. They also coached me in my CEO role and helped me manage myself as the leader here, not just as the boss.”   Miles K., CEO, Professional Services Association

 “As a college president, it is too easy to get people to agree with me. I liked chatting with John about things I was thinking about because he would challenge me to look at those things differently and from other people’s perspective. I think I made richer, more enduring decisions as president having had him as an executive coach.” Marjorie K. President, Liberal Arts College

Municipal Government

“The K&S group evaluated candidates for our top public service positions, and gave us some really useful insights about how they would lead and manage in those roles. We also had them coach a few department managers who were creating more havoc and headaches then teamwork, and got good results.”  Deborah Z. Town Manager

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